Industrial image processing

Production monitoring
by industrial camera systems

Visotect: Industrial vision systems for quality control
in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Germany and all over the world

Visotect is a manufacturer of customized, ready-to-use digital image processing systems / camera systems for all branches of industry. The systems are mainly used as optical inspection systems for 100% quality control of products in automated or manual industrial production processes. Other common applications are parts identification by codes and robot guidance.


  • Identification of requirements for the system to be projected
  • Preliminary tests, if necessary
  • Selection of hardware and software components
  • Usually we make fixed-price offers
  • Installation and commissioning after the order has been placed
  • Free choice of optical elements and computers from the components available on the market
  • Staff training based on individually developped printed instructions for use and maintainment
  • Backing for regular production processes
  • Customer-friendly and flexible service


Inspection of automobile bumpers (1:04 min)

Equipping ball cages with balls (1:52 min)

Basic software Neurocheck

For all camera systems Visotect uses the software base Neurocheck.

  • Neurocheck offers a wide range of applications and comfortable user interfaces.
  • Process and hardware interfaces (e.g. to cameras, plcs and robots) are uncomplicated and can therefore be configured economically.
  • For special applications, algorithms from the high-end image processing library Halcon can be used, or individual algorithms can be programmed.
  • 3D image processing and the application of "deep-learning"-algorithms can be done using Neurocheck and Halcon.

Advantages of vision systems

  • Competitive advantages through higher-quality products and technolocical lead
  • Fast quality feedback to production
  • Shorter set-up time in case of model change
  • More complete information and better process controls


Quality: Visotect offers thorough analysis of your problem with your benefit in mind, and implements solutions in a highly systematic way. We are guided by valid standards and rules of quality control and use high-quality components and safe evaluation processes. To ensure smooth operation we give you recommendations for the correct procedure of using industrial vision systems.

Flexibility: Visotect responds fast and flexibly to your wishes and requirements and uses its energy and knowledge in an unrestrained and cost-effective way to your benefit.

Partnership: Visotect is convinced that partnership as well as task-oriented human interaction yield best results. Even in times of cost pressures and global competition we strive for customer relations characterized by trust and fairness.