Industrial image processing –
classic and with AI

Production monitoring
by industrial camera systems

Visotect: Industrial vision systems for quality control
in the Stuttgart area, in Germany and all over the world

Visotect is a manufacturer of customized, ready-to-use image processing systems for all branches of industry - with and without artificial intelligence (AI).

The systems are mostly used as optical inspection systems for 100% quality control of products in automated or manual industrial manufacturing processes.

Among other things, we can check for defects on parts, including surface defects (with AI!), assembly errors and incorrect type, completeness and correct colour. High-precision geometric measurements are possible. Part identification via codes, reading of text (OCR) and guidance of robots are also common applications.
We inspect individual parts and web-shaped materials.

Classic algorithms - including 3D image processing - and artificial intelligence (AI) are used. Very often, the optimum result is achieved with a combination of classic and AI methods.


  • Identification of requirements for the system to be projected
  • Preliminary tests, if necessary
  • Selection of hardware and software components
  • Usually we make fixed-price offers
  • Installation and commissioning after the order has been placed
  • Free choice of optical elements and computers from the components available on the market
  • Staff training based on individually developped printed instructions for use and maintainment
  • Backing for regular production processes
  • Customer-friendly and flexible service


Inspection of automobile bumpers (1:04 min)

Equipping ball cages with balls (1:52 min)

Basic software Neurocheck - its main features

For all camera systems Visotect uses the software base Neurocheck.

  • Neurocheck offers a wide range of applications and comfortable user interfaces.
  • 3D image processing and the application of artificial intelligence (AI/"deep learning") are possible with Neurocheck.
  • Process and hardware interfaces (e.g. to cameras, plcs and robots) are uncomplicated and can therefore be configured economically.
  • For special applications, algorithms from the high-end image processing library Halcon can be used, or individual algorithms can be programmed.
  • 3D image processing and the application of "deep-learning"-algorithms can be done using Neurocheck and Halcon. Halcon also offers AI and 3D processing.

Advantages of vision systems

  • Competitive advantages through higher-quality products and technolocical lead
  • Fast quality feedback to production
  • Shorter set-up time in case of model change
  • More complete information and better process controls


Quality: Visotect offers thorough analysis of your problem with your benefit in mind, and implements solutions in a highly systematic way. We are guided by valid standards and rules of quality control and use high-quality components and safe evaluation processes. To ensure smooth operation we give you recommendations for the correct procedure of using industrial vision systems.

Flexibility: Visotect responds fast and flexibly to your wishes and requirements and uses its energy and knowledge in an unrestrained and cost-effective way to your benefit.

Partnership: Visotect is convinced that partnership as well as task-oriented human interaction yield best results. Even in times of cost pressures and global competition we strive for customer relations characterized by trust and fairness.